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I Don't Know Why All The Trees Change In The Fall

But I Know You're Not Scared Of Anything At All

1 December
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username: kelly clarkson, ite (a follower) and my favourite number: 22

about moi!
liz. female. december 1. melbourne. sagittarius. ½ aussie, ½ scottish. infp. nmfc. hufflepuff. cats. astronomy. ancient egypt. natural disasters. music. movies. reality tv. sports. animals.

ships ahoy!
ron/hermione. harry/ginny. neville/luna. brittany/santana. hanna/spencer. emily/samara. jack/audrey. jules/grayson. ellie/laurie. jack/rose. gabrielle/carlos. susan/mike. lynette/tom. lucas/peyton. brooke/mouth. nathan/haley.

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24, ab fab, afl, aly and aj, american football, ancient egypt, animals, aria montgomery, ashley benson, astronomy, australian football, baseball, basketball, batman, books, box hill hawks, british comedy, brooke/mouth, catherine tate, cats, celebrities, charmed, childhood memories, chris tucker, classic music, colorado rockies, computer games, cougar town, david letterman, dean thomas, degrassi, desperate housewives, district 1, doritos, ebay, egypt, ellie/laurie, emily fields, emily/samara, football, gabrielle/carlos, gimme gimme gimme, girls aloud, glee, gossip girl, grease, hanna marin, harry potter, harry potter video games, harry/ginny, heroes, itunes, jack/audrey, jack/rose, jules/grayson, katy perry, ke$ha, kelly clarkson, la lakers, lightning, lord of the rings, lost, lucas/peyton, lucy hale, luna lovegood, lynette/tom, mean girls, melbourne vixens, montrose magpies, movies, music, musicals, musicians, nathan/haley, neopets, netball, neville/luna, nfl, north melbourne kangaroos, old cartoons, one tree hill, philadelphia eagles, pirates of the caribbean, pottermore, pretty little liars, ps2 games, quidditch, ron/hermione, shay mitchell, skateboarding, skins, snowboarding, spencer hastings, spencer/hanna, sport, supernatural, surfing, survivor, susan/mike, taylor swift, the chronicles of narnia, the hunger games, the saturdays, thoroughly modern millie, thunder storms, titanic, tornadoes, troian bellisario, tv, twisters, underbelly: razor, volcanoes, warblers, weather, wild weather